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Friday, June 30, 2006

Hey- There's Elvis!

That's right, I saw Elvis Presley yesterday afternoon and he was driving a pink & white 57 Chevy convertible! Before yesterday afternoon's midterm test I was sitting out at a picnic table reviewing my study material and chatting with a classmate and chum, Melissa. While we are chatting, I'm watching the street out in front of the school. And Elvis drove by in his Chevy convertible! It was the white-jumpsuited, big sideburns Elvis in a car that looked brand new. I ran over to get a closer view but Elvis turned the corner, so I pointed Melissa to look in the correct direction and she saw him too, so I've got a witness.

As for the midterm tests- I had 2 of them last night. My team and I aced the Logistics test and I got a 93 on my Marketing test later in the evening!

I have no idea who that really was but it sure looked like Elvis!

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